If you have found my website, then you are are not looking for a cookie cutter wedding.  You are looking for something special, that will reflect you and your beloved’s unique chemistry – your personalities, values, cultures and traditions.  I have been working with couples for over a decade to create and perform wedding ceremonies that are as unique, just like the couples who are celebrating their special day.

Or maybe you’re a couple who is in a rut and needs a little help getting back to where you were on that happy day – I can help with that, too.

I specialize in working with interfaith, multicultural and non-traditional families.  What this means for you is that I come in with knowledge of many different cultures and traditions and my understanding of how individuals, couples and families work, but no assumptions about what is right for you.  Together, we will create something uniquely yours.



Sometimes, there is conflict in one’s family around what a wedding should or should not be.  I also work with the family of the couple to help this become an experience that helps bring everyone together in unity, rather than driving them apart in their perceived differences.

Sometimes, you do not want something traditional at all.  You might want something that reflects your personalities, hobbies or histories.  We can do that, too!  Together, we can create new rituals that will be a perfect fit for you.

I look forward to hearing from you so we can figure out the way to make your ceremony uniquely yours.



Welcome to the Well Tied Knot!