Therapy for Brides and Grooms

Often, the process of planning one’s wedding can bring up many strong emotions.  Many of these emotions are wonderful – hope, joy, and excitement among them.  Sometimes people will also feel more complex and negative feelings such as sadness, anxiety, anger or fear.  And sometimes a person will feel two or more at once.  This is all perfectly normal and is not necessarily a sign that something is wrong.  However if the feelings are distressing or interrupting your daily life, it may be helpful to seek more support.

We are marriage and family therapists who have experience working with brides and grooms around their personal issues that may come up during the process of planning a wedding, and soon after one gets married.  In our time together, you will find a safe place to express whatever you are feeling, and together you will begin to understand why the harder feelings may be coming up, and what can be done about them.  We understand the stresses that are unique this time in a person’s life, and will help you navigate them so that you can move forward in your journey feeling whole.

Please click here to schedule your free fifty minute consultation.

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