Premarital Counseling

If you are reading this, you know that a good marriage takes thought and effort, just like being good at anything else important in your life.  At the Well Tied Knot, I offer premarital counseling services to help ensure that not only will your wedding be everything that you want it to be, but so will your marriage.

In a series of six sessions, you and your beloved will explore the important and difficult topics that many couples avoid talking about because it just does not come up.  Generally the topics include hopes and dreams, navigating conflict, finance and decision making, family relationships, health and spirituality, and careers.  This said, I always keep our sessions flexible and responsive to what you and your loved one wants and needs.  In our sessions, I always work from the unique history of the couple.  We will spend time talking about what you learned from your parents and other significant relationship models in your life.  We will talk about the culture and faith of your upbringing, and how that may influence what you would like to see in your marriage.  Throughout this process, I will help you navigate the conversations as well as helping you see your strengths, and helping you strengthen any areas that may be a source of stress or anxiety.  As needed, I will help you learn tools and techniques that will help ensure that your relationship moves from strength to strength.

Sometimes, couples decide that they would like a little more help leading up to their wedding day.  I also offer a series of ten sessions at a special price, as well as appointments on an as needed basis.

Therapy sessions for individuals or couples are $120 per fifty minute session.

A six session series may be purchased for $600, paid in one or two installments (a $20 savings per session).

A ten session series may be purchased for $900, paid in one or two installments (a 30% savings per session).

Please click here to book your free consultation online.

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