Wedding Officiant Coaching

I want everyone to have exactly the wedding that they want.  Traditional in a church? Good for you?  Experienced officiant? Excellent!  Your best friend leading you through one of the biggest moments of your life?  Absolutely!  You deserve the best.

This said, officiating a wedding isn’t the easiest thing.  Some people get nervous when speaking in public.  Some people aren’t the best writers.  And some people will be so overcome with emotion that they will have a hard time staying in the moment.

I’ve been officiating weddings for 20 years, and worked as a religious educator, couples therapist and theater producer besides.  I know what looks good for the camera, feels good to the guests, and is meaningful to a couple.  It’s not difficult to do, but to keep track of all of these details requires a bit of extra thought.

I’m eager to share my experience to help others get exactly the wedding ceremony they want without having to compromise in any other way.  If you want your best friend to officiate your wedding, then go for it – and let me help.  My 1-on-1 coaching sessions are tailored to help each one time officiant get exactly what they need to make sure the ceremony is perfect, be it ceremony development, script doctoring or public speaking coaching, and will cost you far less than the services of a professional officiant or clergymember.

If you would like a friend or loved one to officiate your wedding, consider giving them the gift of this coaching to ensure that the experience is as stress free as possible for everyone.  I look forward to helping you get the exact wedding ceremony you dream of.